Within the transgender community, there are regular discussions on whether someone like myself need to disclose his/her transgender status to prospective employers. In my recent job applications, I’ve been very upfront about my “trans”-ness. But I also expect other transwomen to have come to different conclusions, and for different reasons. So I posted this question in a Facebook discussion group:… Read more →

A Job Seeker, Once Again

In the past few weeks, I’ve sent out another round of job applications. Although I had a very productive July and August teaching summer school, fall and winter months are far quieter. I’m down from 20 hours of teaching in the summer to just 9½. While that’s still a very respectable amount of hours, I need, well, more. Now I’m… Read more →

Interacting with Men

I went on a casual lunch date with a man last Friday. He was someone that I’ve been corresponding with online for the last month or so. It was nothing serious, but I did have a lot of fun with him. He even helped me take some photos. And he really knows how to kiss…and touch me. His kisses literally… Read more →




Since my date last Friday, my mind has been flooded with naughty fantasies. Time for more cold showers?

The Flautist

This post was meant to be posted at some point in April, a few days after getting my haircut. It was a very nice story that just somehow relegated to the “Drafts” folder and was never shown until now, when I’m trying to write about something else. I had a few last-minute cancellations at the tutoring service. Since I’ve been… Read more →

The Continuing Saga of the Transgender Physics Teacher…and My Haircut

The term has finally wrapped up. My first real-life test as a high-school physics teacher, and I passed. It wasn’t without some incredible challenges that I had to overcome, but my probation period is over, and the school has decided to keep me on payroll. Not only that, I’ve been offered more hours over the summer. That’s right, I’m teaching… Read more →

Physics Tutor Kate

On the same day that I applied for my teaching job, I also applied to a few tutoring services. Within days, two of these companies called me. One of them was a tutoring service near York University, which, you may imagine, caters to first-year students at York. I went to an interview, trying to look as much a professional as possible. (And… Read more →

Physics Teacher Kate

Early in January, I applied for a part time teaching job at a private enrichment school on the north end of the city. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher, but I’ve felt that being transgender my future in teaching was dim, especially in high schools. Nevertheless, within a few days of submitting my resume, I got a phone interview on… Read more →

Thoughts on Coming Out

The last two posts I’ve talked about my coming out experiences. (You’d think that since I’ve identified as transgender for years, everyone would know already, but with my friends and family spread out all over the world, that’s not always the case.) I want to share a story of my coming out to a friend. For all my positive stories,… Read more →

Where Have My Friends Gone

A month ago I had lunch with my friend Rachael. Rachael and I have been corresponding on Facebook for awhile, but it was only the first time that I met her in person. We chatted about the joys and struggles of being transgender. And we shared stories of us coming out to people. One thing that struck me is that… Read more →