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Hit By a Car While Trans

So, the unthinkable finally happened. And when I say “unthinkable”, I really meant the “inevitable.” Last Wednesday, while riding on my bike near home, I got hit by a car backing out of a driveway. Thankfully I wasn’t seriously hurt, and the man who hit me was kind enough to take me to the hospital which, thankfully, was only two… Read more →

Village Bicycle

A friend asked me to build a bike for him for next year, but he didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it. He’s not a close friend, but we’ve known each other for a few years. He’s doing a 4-day fundraising ride in the USA next summer, and his commuter bike, however sturdy, is woefully unsuitable for… Read more →

The Violin Teacher

I found this unpublished blog post from 9 or 10 years ago. It was from the first time that I taught violin classes as a girl. Back then I haven’t started calling myself Kate; “Tara” was the name that I used. I’m not sure why it wasn’t posted. In any case, I did a quick (i.e. it took me all… Read more →

Saying “Meh” to the Preacher

I was at a church service a few Sundays ago. The guest preacher (minister was away that day) started his sermon by talking about the dangers transgender people like Caitlyn Jenner poses to God’s kingdom, and how society is so accepting this of perversion to a point that we now encourage kids to become transgender. He said that people like… Read more →


smooth-legsToday’s Rant: All these years I have felt that shaving my armpits and legs are a bit of a chore that no woman should ever want to do. Now I realize that when someone whom you love puts his* hands on your legs and enjoys the <ahem> smoothness of it, and it excites him, it’s all worth it.

(*It could be her hands too!)


I went out last Friday night. Even though I spend much of my time as a woman (and therefore I’d “go out” all the time) I rarely interact with other people in the transgender community, so it was nice to finally go out to the twice-monthly “Girls’ Night Out” at the Bouncing Bomb pub in Oakville, just east of Toronto.… Read more →

Sally Ann

It’s almost Christmas again, and this is when the Salvation Army sets up booths all around shopping malls in North America to solicit donations. I know many in the LGBTQ community have misgivings, or mistrust, or downright hostility towards the organization—or more accurately, the church, but I digress—often for the right reasons (e.g. their policies in the United States regarding… Read more →




Today, I am daydreaming of all the things that I probably shouldn’t be thinking about. Where is the cold shower?

Lunch with DD

I had lunch with my friend DD (her initials, not a reference of her bra size) on Church Street (aka Toronto’s “Gay Village”) recently. This used to be “party central” for my weekends, but as time passes, I don’t come here as often as I used to. That said, I still find the area very open to transgender people like… Read more →

The Published Author

Some of you know that I have a Ph.D. in engineering from the University of Toronto. In getting my degree, I’ve had a few papers published in respected journals. My thesis supervisor cared more about his own reputation than his students’ job prospect, so he makes sure that every paper we publish can be “earth shattering”, and indeed, every paper… Read more →