smooth-legsToday’s Rant: All these years I have felt that shaving my armpits and legs are a bit of a chore that no woman should ever want to do. Now I realize that when someone whom you love puts his* hands on your legs and enjoys the <ahem> smoothness of it, and it excites him, it’s all worth it.

(*It could be her hands too!)

Sally Ann

It’s almost Christmas again, and this is when the Salvation Army sets up booths all around shopping malls in North America to solicit donations. I know many in the LGBTQ community have misgivings, or mistrust, or downright hostility towards the organization—or more accurately, the church, but I digress—often for the right reasons (e.g. their policies in the United States regarding… Read more →

Tona Brown at Carnegie Hall

The story of Tona Brown had been getting a lot of attention in the LGBT community lately. (The Huffington Post writes: Meet The First African American Transgender Performer To Take The Stage At Carnegie Hall) I wish her concert goes well, but I also wish that the media had a more accurate coverage. That said, I feel a little bit… Read more →

Getting Photos Taken

Groupon is a wonderful thing. I am not sure if the company’s business model will survive in the long run, but for now, it lets me try our new products and services and restaurants by giving me some substantial discounts, and that’s good enough to me. Two weeks ago, my sister in law called to let me know that she… Read more →

Downs and Ups (Mostly Down)

Most people (the five of you!) who read my blog might be tempted to think that I am an extrovert. While this is mostly true, the fact is that when I am out, I am usually not particularly eager to interact with people in general. When I go to the library, supermarket, movies, hardware store, watching fall colours, even occasionally… Read more →

The Award Goes To…

My first “I Want-To-Be-Like-Her” award goes to the actress Alice Eve. The Internet is full of pictures of her, if you Google her name you will find thousands of them. Among those pictures, there are a lot of overtly glamourous pictures, “red carpet” photos at various media functions for her movies, and also screen captures from those movies, but my… Read more →

More Feminine?

I’m convinced that since so many people have already expressed their own opinions on this topic, there is no urgency for me to add my two cents. But then again, it bothers me a bit that I haven’t yet said anything on the topic. The issue is one that transgender women know so much about, because every now and then,… Read more →

Over the Years

This is me, from fall of 2004 (top left) to last month (bottom right, November 2012). All of these pictures are taken from my web gallery, which I encourage you to visit.  It does not take a genius to know that I’ve grown up.  It’s quite obvious that I looked more like a girlish young woman back then, when I… Read more →

Seniors’ Day

At the ripe age of 30, my body has finally run out of the enzymes to digest dairy products. I knew that this was going to happen sooner or later. Nevertheless, I’m not about to give up on enjoying milk, so it’s time to stop by my local drug store to pick up some Lactaid pills. It must have been… Read more →