Secrets Revealed

I had a lot of help in order to get this nice hourglass figure that on first glance, seems natural.

Every now and then, people would ask me questions about myself.  Mostly they have to do with my appearance.  In the futile hopes that I will never have to answer any of these questions in the future, here’s the answer to some of them.  I promise to tell nothing but the truth, but a girl has to keep some secrets, so what I write is never the whole truth.

  1. Are you on hormones?  No, I have never been on hormones, and I’m not on hormones now.  If you think that I look feminine right now, that’s probably because like a lot of Asians, I have more neutral features…and I have relatively average build for both sexes.
  2. Are your boobs real?  Nope.  And I didn’t get a boob job either.
  3. But I’ve seen pictures of you pretty much topless before.  How?  If you see me wearing a bra, then the cleavage in my pictures are created with careful taping and placement of my breastforms.  As for when I’m topless, well, Photoshop is really quite a powerful software package.
  4. How did you get those curvy hips?  I also have a pair of enhancers from Classic Curves.  They’re much better than those padded panties.  They’re not very comfortable to wear though, so I may be looking for alternatives in the near future.
  5. Have you ever gone out braless?  As a matter of fact, quite frequently!  I just love the feeling of complete freedom.
  6. But, how?  I own a pair of Amoena breastforms from The Breastform Store that allow me to do that.   I’d tape two pieces of special tape on my chest—one on each side.  And the breastforms are literally velcro’ed to the outside of the tape.  I can do sports, take shower, go to bed etc with the tape on me for a few weeks before I need to replace them.  Bear in mind though, for many years, I’ve practically lived as a woman outside of work.
  7. Do you wear a wig?  Yes, I wear a fairly expensive wig.  It’s funny though, a lot of people don’t realize that, and they think that I have my own long hair.
  8. What size clothes do you wear?  12.  This does not make me a small woman in any way.  Although well-fitted clothes always makes me look slimmer.
  9. What’s your bra size?  36C or 36D, depending on the bra itself.
  10. Where do you shop for your clothes?  I get my clothes mostly from Winners, Smart Set and Suzy Shier.  With shoes, I shop all over.  It’s just so hard to find a comfortable and durable pair of shoes.  As for lingerie, I get them at The Bay or La Senza.
  11. Do you go shopping as a woman?  Yes of course!  That’s the best way to do it.  How else can I try out the clothes before buying them?

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