A Progressive University

I was at work this morning, and a young woman dropped by my office to talk to me. Apparently she was representing CUPE, the Canadian Union of Public Employees, who had been talking to post-docs about the benefits of unionizing. I am generally not very involved with organized labour, so I wasn’t that interested in what she was saying. (When she walked in, I initially thought she was one of the graduate students attending a workshop in the building. I was right about her being a grad student; I was wrong about why she was there.) What caught my eyes was a chart that she laid out, comparing benefits of professors, staff and students with us lowly post-doctorate “fellows”. On the chart, it lists that student teaching assistants at University of Toronto can have sick leave, mat leave and other paid days off, and they have specifically listed Gender Reassignment Surgery as one of the circumstances where a student can request paid time off. I am very happy that like a lot of places in Canada, UofT is very progressive when it comes to taking care of the LBGT community, although I am not interested in GRS myself.

Anyway, for your viewing pleasure, here is another picture from my “outdoor adventure” with my friend.  I did indeed have a lot of fun roaming around the city.


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