Getting Photos Taken

Groupon is a wonderful thing. I am not sure if the company’s business model will survive in the long run, but for now, it lets me try our new products and services and restaurants by giving me some substantial discounts, and that’s good enough to me.

Two weeks ago, my sister in law called to let me know that she bought a family photo package on Groupon, so during my next visit to Vancouver in February, I’ll be part of those photos. Then, it occurred to me that may be I should check out similar services from photographers in the Toronto area. Lo and behold! There are dozens of deals here. Some offer studio shoots, some offer on-location sessions. Most deals are under $100CAD and they include about an hour of photo shoot, some photo retouching, and photos on a DVD. Some even offer prints 4×6-inch or 5×7-inch. It seems like a very affordable way find out if I like having a professional take pictures for me. (If so, I can imagine myself going back again and again.)

As some of you already know, I love having my pictures taken. Sometimes I take my own pictures with my trusty DSLR cameras mounted on a tripod; sometimes I ask my friends for help. What I haven’t yet done is to hire a real photographer. With the Groupon deals available, I hope that when the weather gets more favorable, I can get some nice pictures taken. The only question is what kind of pictures. Since there are only about 5 people who read my blog, and I’m pretty sure that 2 of you want to see me naked, let me first say that it’s not one of the options that I’m considering. I am, however, considering these:

Option 1: Studio or on-location shoot with my bike(s). I love the photos that (my favourite female cyclist) Victoria Pendleton did. I want to do something similar. Obviously I won’t be having nude pictures taken with my bike, but my bike does look a lot like hers in the picture.

Option 2: Ballgown on a field. Something about the obvious mismatch between the rural and the “sophisticated” can make for very striking photos. I can imagine myself wearing my best fancy dress, walking in a corn field. There was a time, many years ago, when I would even ask a male friend, and pretend that we’re doing an engagement shoot, but that is well in the past now.

Option 3: Sexy violinist in an urban setting. I can wear some punk-ish clothes, and have some pictures taken in a graffiti filled back alley. With my violin. Come to think of it, I am certain that any professional photographer can make it artistic and sexy.

So, what do you think? Do you have any suggestions that do not involve me disrobing?  (Hey, tasteful suggestions only!)

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