1 comment for “Today’s Rant

  1. Catinheels
    August 30, 2015 at 1:02 AM

    There are few things sexier than the feel or touch of silk / satin or Latex (in my case) against freshly shaved skin / legs. I find.
    SHE has never liked body hair for either of us. We all agree on this.
    I’m no ully googoo – Richard Prior saying…..still makes me laugh…..
    Katie on a more serious note, if you are inclined send me an e-mail if Yes. I have an idea looking for an computer engineers inception.
    Oh bye the way I’m an inventor, tinkerer and toy maker. You see things all around You every where that I’ve been involved in. So seriously I’ve got a few I think cool ideas You may want!
    Later, I hope…..

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