Lunch with DD

I had lunch with my friend DD (her initials, not a reference of her bra size) on Church Street (aka Toronto’s “Gay Village”) recently. This used to be “party central” for my weekends, but as time passes, I don’t come here as often as I used to. That said, I still find the area very open to transgender people like… Read more →

The Published Author

Some of you know that I have a Ph.D. in engineering from the University of Toronto. In getting my degree, I’ve had a few papers published in respected journals. My thesis supervisor cared more about his own reputation than his students’ job prospect, so he makes sure that every paper we publish can be “earth shattering”, and indeed, every paper… Read more →

O Katie O Katie, Where Art Thou?

The few of you who pay attention to my online presence would surely have noticed that I haven’t been very actively lately. I haven’t posted new pictures on Flickr, and I haven’t written many blog entries in the last year. There has only been the occasional post on Facebook and Twitter. It is safe to say that there has been… Read more →

Tona Brown at Carnegie Hall

The story of Tona Brown had been getting a lot of attention in the LGBT community lately. (The Huffington Post writes: Meet The First African American Transgender Performer To Take The Stage At Carnegie Hall) I wish her concert goes well, but I also wish that the media had a more accurate coverage. That said, I feel a little bit… Read more →

A Different Topic

The majority of the time on this blog, I talk about transgender issues, and the ups and downs through life as a transgender woman. This time, I want to talk about something completely different. This time, I want to talk about bicycles. Specifically, I want to talk about my bikes. Some of you may already know that I am more than… Read more →

Getting Photos Taken

Groupon is a wonderful thing. I am not sure if the company’s business model will survive in the long run, but for now, it lets me try our new products and services and restaurants by giving me some substantial discounts, and that’s good enough to me. Two weeks ago, my sister in law called to let me know that she… Read more →

Girly Chinese Name

For the five of you who read my blog regularly, you would have no doubt noticed that I have not updated it for quite some time. To simply put, well, I just haven’t done much (i.e. anything) lately to warrant a new blog entry. I would argue that it’s a good thing, as I have not spent much time trying… Read more →

New Website Theme

It’s hard to believe that it has been three months since I’ve written anything on my blog. In fact, a lot of things have happened, but I won’t go into detail…yet. In any case, I thought that it is time to spruce up my website with a new theme. So I did.  The new theme is (surprisingly) almost identical to… Read more →