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Productive Month

April has got to be the most productive month in recent memory.  The month is barely half way over, and this is already my 5th post.  Not that too many people are reading them anyway.  When I wrote about my “outdoor adventure” with my friend Randy earlier this week, I didn’t mention two curious observations.  But here they are: Both… Read more →

Kate Young Wearing Kate Young

A reader of my blog pointed out to me a few days ago that the famous fashion designer Kate Young has designed a line of dresses for Target. That fact was quite amusing since we have the same name…The “look book” on Target’s website have some really nice “Kate Young for Target” dresses that can be suitable for a lot… Read more →

Shopping, So to Speak

Occasionally there are people who think that I’m not being truthful when I tell them that when I go shopping for women’s clothing, I’m usually dressed as a woman. So the last time I went out—which happened to be yesterday, I made a point of snapping a few pictures with my cell phone. (It’s quite obvious that I have not… Read more →

Over the Years

This is me, from fall of 2004 (top left) to last month (bottom right, November 2012). All of these pictures are taken from my web gallery, which I encourage you to visit.  It does not take a genius to know that I’ve grown up.  It’s quite obvious that I looked more like a girlish young woman back then, when I… Read more →

Secrets Revealed

Every now and then, people would ask me questions about myself.  Mostly they have to do with my appearance.  In the futile hopes that I will never have to answer any of these questions in the future, here’s the answer to some of them.  I promise to tell nothing but the truth, but a girl has to keep some secrets,… Read more →