Professional Help…with Photos

A few months ago, I  mentioned that wanted to have pictures taken by a professional photographer. Well, as it turns out, I did get a Groupon deal for just that. Not only that, I didn’t have to pay for it; it was given to me as a gift by a sibling!

Campus Girl
Yeah, this outrageously gorgeous and sexy backless formal dress!

The photographer’s name is Jennifer. And she had made clear from the get-go that she was comfortable with working with a transwoman. (Yay!) We discussed for awhile the kinds of photos I’m comfortable with, and where we should go for the session etc. After some e-mail exchanges over many many weeks, we settled on the details. So earlier this afternoon, I met with Jennifer at Richmond Green north of the city in Richmond Hill.

I wore my outrageously gorgeous and sexy backless formal dress that I’ve only worn once in Vancouver a few years ago, and I felt incredible! I also felt incredibly nervous too. After all, we were in the middle of a park in the middle of a Friday just before the biggest long weekend to end the summer holidays. To say that “there were people there” would be a bit of an understatement. To Jennifer’s credit, she made the photos look like I was the only person around, and she made an otherwise nervous trans girl feel very comfortable.

There were many nice spots in the park to take pictures, even an area called the “Wedding Garden”. No weddings today, but there was a young Indian couple nearby doing an engagement video. There was also a small bridge, a waterfall, a few old brick houses (being used as offices now) and some nice open spaces. It was weird carrying my violin in a park, and some of the poses that Jennifer had me do with the violin were a bit… unusual, but we think that we got some very spectacular pictures at the end. The mid-day sun made for some harsh shadows in many cases, but I trust that Jennifer had taken all of those things into account! We went back to my car so that I could change out of my dress into something more casual—a purple summer dress, and we went back out around the park and took more pictures before calling it quits for the day. The funny thing is that it had to stop just as I was getting very comfortable with being shot by Jennifer.

Jennifer will be editing my photos over the next few weeks, and once they’re ready, I’ll post them here, on Facebook and on my public gallery.

Productive Month

April has got to be the most productive month in recent memory.  The month is barely half way over, and this is already my 5th post.  Not that too many people are reading them anyway.  When I wrote about my “outdoor adventure” with my friend Randy earlier this week, I didn’t mention two curious observations.  But here they are:

  • Both Randy and I noticed that when other women walked past me, they often stared at my shoes. Initially I thought may be it was because that’s just what women do, checking out other women’s shoes. Then I remember that this rarely happens to me.  In fact, it has never happened to me before Monday. Then I suggested to Randy that perhaps it was because they read me when they see the shape of my legs. Nonsense, he said, they can’t possibly read you, especially from this distance and this light. Wishful thinking perhaps, but not improbable. Then we pondered the idea that it was because my the soles of my shoes are leather, and when I walked, they made a very distinct sound that only expensive shoes make, so perhaps the women are curious about what shoes I was wearing. We left the discussion at that.
  • The second observation was one that Randy made: I never let anyone open doors for me. He kept trying, but I kept stepping in front of him to open the door myself. I realize that he was absolutely right on with that observation. Men—complete strangers—are always trying to open doors for me, and I never let them. In some ways, I am thrilled knowing that men want to treat me like a delicate woman that deserves to be pampered. On the other hand, I am not a delicate woman that needs to be pampered. I can take care of myself, and I’ll naturally do just that.

I’m eager to hear about other people’s experience with opening doors for women.  Let me know your thoughts! Lastly, here’s another picture from Monday. My legs don’t look too masculine, do they?

Kate Young Wearing Kate Young

A reader of my blog pointed out to me a few days ago that the famous fashion designer Kate Young has designed a line of dresses for Target. That fact was quite amusing since we have the same name…The “look book” on Target’s website have some really nice “Kate Young for Target” dresses that can be suitable for a lot of women. Target stores have just started to open in Canada last month, after the company bought all the assets of Zeller’s from the Hudson’s Bay Company. But until yesterday I haven’t had any opportunity to check out their stores, despite that fact that one is directly en route from my home to my office.

A considerably more famous Kate Young

Anyway, I stopped by the store yesterday while going home, and I picked out a new dress. I was supposed to have done all the purchasing planned until well into the summer, so I had no intention of buying anything for another few months. But when I walked into the store, the idea of wearing a dress that has my name on it (alright, the other Kate Young’s name) is just too irresistible. So even though at $50 CAD, it was a bit pricey, I decided to buy it and wear it immediately. I went out in the evening with my friend Randy, and he took this nice picture for me in my new dress with my trusted Canon DSLR:

I had previously agreed that he was going to help me take some pictures, but we never worked it out until yesterday. He was at first not very comfortable with my DSLR camera, but he proved to be a quick learner, especially after I changed some settings to make it easier for him. At one point, I changed the camera to “high-speed continuous shooting” mode, and even told him that it’ll freak him out…and it still did.  (I didn’t tell him what I did to the camera.)  This is my favourite picture from yesterday, taken at Toronto Eaton Centre:

All and all, we had a great time.  We walked for almost 3 hours, and took pictures all over downtown Toronto, before grabbing a take-out dinner at the Loblaw’s at the Maple Leaf Gardens.  Some of those pictures are already on my Facebook page, but I’ll be posting the high-resolution ones on my website shortly. and I have posted them on my own web gallery.

Anyway, until (at least) this summer, I have to remember: No more buying new clothes!

Shopping, So to Speak

Occasionally there are people who think that I’m not being truthful when I tell them that when I go shopping for women’s clothing, I’m usually dressed as a woman. So the last time I went out—which happened to be yesterday, I made a point of snapping a few pictures with my cell phone. (It’s quite obvious that I have not perfected the art of self portraits with my cell phone.) All the pictures were taken from inside the women’s changing room at Winner’s store in Toronto. It was my day off, so I drove to the nearest Winner’s store, which was only a couple of minutes drive away, parked my car, and went inside. Everything at Winner’s is on racks, and often it’s quite a daunting task to pick out what I want amidst tonnes of clothes that I’ll never be caught dead wearing. In any case, I tried out a few pieces that looked nice on the racks. What I was really concerned with was how they looked on my rack! There was a yellow top (not flattering), a blue top (less unflattering, but not good enough), a blue skirt (flattering but was made of very cheap fabric) and a blue dress on clearance (made me look fat). As always, once I have picked out what I wanted to try on, I’ll walk to the changing rooms, and a lady to show me to my room. At the end, I didn’t buy anything there, which is typical for most of my shopping trips, but may be I’ll give the blue top a second look.  I have uploaded some of the pictures to my web space already, and may be I’ll think about bringing my camera the next time I try out clothes at stores.

Over the Years

This is me, from fall of 2004 (top left) to last month (bottom right, November 2012). All of these pictures are taken from my web gallery, which I encourage you to visit.  It does not take a genius to know that I’ve grown up.  It’s quite obvious that I looked more like a girlish young woman back then, when I was indeed a younger woman.  That said, what do you think?  Do I look more like a woman now?  Or do I look just…older?  I obviously can’t comment on the sexiness of these pictures, seeing that I feel as much like a woman now as ever.  But I would very much like to hear from everyone in cyberspace.

So please, leave a comment and let me know what you think.


Secrets Revealed

I had a lot of help in order to get this nice hourglass figure that on first glance, seems natural.

Every now and then, people would ask me questions about myself.  Mostly they have to do with my appearance.  In the futile hopes that I will never have to answer any of these questions in the future, here’s the answer to some of them.  I promise to tell nothing but the truth, but a girl has to keep some secrets, so what I write is never the whole truth.

  1. Are you on hormones?  No, I have never been on hormones, and I’m not on hormones now.  If you think that I look feminine right now, that’s probably because like a lot of Asians, I have more neutral features…and I have relatively average build for both sexes.
  2. Are your boobs real?  Nope.  And I didn’t get a boob job either.
  3. But I’ve seen pictures of you pretty much topless before.  How?  If you see me wearing a bra, then the cleavage in my pictures are created with careful taping and placement of my breastforms.  As for when I’m topless, well, Photoshop is really quite a powerful software package.
  4. How did you get those curvy hips?  I also have a pair of enhancers from Classic Curves.  They’re much better than those padded panties.  They’re not very comfortable to wear though, so I may be looking for alternatives in the near future.
  5. Have you ever gone out braless?  As a matter of fact, quite frequently!  I just love the feeling of complete freedom.
  6. But, how?  I own a pair of Amoena breastforms from The Breastform Store that allow me to do that.   I’d tape two pieces of special tape on my chest—one on each side.  And the breastforms are literally velcro’ed to the outside of the tape.  I can do sports, take shower, go to bed etc with the tape on me for a few weeks before I need to replace them.  Bear in mind though, for many years, I’ve practically lived as a woman outside of work.
  7. Do you wear a wig?  Yes, I wear a fairly expensive wig.  It’s funny though, a lot of people don’t realize that, and they think that I have my own long hair.
  8. What size clothes do you wear?  12.  This does not make me a small woman in any way.  Although well-fitted clothes always makes me look slimmer.
  9. What’s your bra size?  36C or 36D, depending on the bra itself.
  10. Where do you shop for your clothes?  I get my clothes mostly from Winners, Smart Set and Suzy Shier.  With shoes, I shop all over.  It’s just so hard to find a comfortable and durable pair of shoes.  As for lingerie, I get them at The Bay or La Senza.
  11. Do you go shopping as a woman?  Yes of course!  That’s the best way to do it.  How else can I try out the clothes before buying them?