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Productive Month

April has got to be the most productive month in recent memory.  The month is barely half way over, and this is already my 5th post.  Not that too many people are reading them anyway.  When I wrote about my “outdoor adventure” with my friend Randy earlier this week, I didn’t mention two curious observations.  But here they are: Both… Read more →

Kate Young Wearing Kate Young

A reader of my blog pointed out to me a few days ago that the famous fashion designer Kate Young has designed a line of dresses for Target. That fact was quite amusing since we have the same name…The “look book” on Target’s website have some really nice “Kate Young for Target” dresses that can be suitable for a lot… Read more →

Tan Line

I have quite a tan line these days.  Mostly it has to do with the fact that in the last few months, regardless of whether I was going out as a guy or a girl, I had been wearing t-shirts with sleeves that are roughly the same length.  To make the matter worse, I was on a 6-day charity bike… Read more →

Getting Out So Often!

I have recently switched to working part time, which has given me more time to go out than ever.  Last month, I went with Samantha downtown, and we managed to take some beautiful pictures at Allen Garden.  After going out for lunch with Samantha, I had two very long days out with another friend, where he took some incredible pictures… Read more →