Kate Young Wearing Kate Young

A reader of my blog pointed out to me a few days ago that the famous fashion designer Kate Young has designed a line of dresses for Target. That fact was quite amusing since we have the same name…The “look book” on Target’s website have some really nice “Kate Young for Target” dresses that can be suitable for a lot of women. Target stores have just started to open in Canada last month, after the company bought all the assets of Zeller’s from the Hudson’s Bay Company. But until yesterday I haven’t had any opportunity to check out their stores, despite that fact that one is directly en route from my home to my office.

A considerably more famous Kate Young

Anyway, I stopped by the store yesterday while going home, and I picked out a new dress. I was supposed to have done all the purchasing planned until well into the summer, so I had no intention of buying anything for another few months. But when I walked into the store, the idea of wearing a dress that has my name on it (alright, the other Kate Young’s name) is just too irresistible. So even though at $50 CAD, it was a bit pricey, I decided to buy it and wear it immediately. I went out in the evening with my friend Randy, and he took this nice picture for me in my new dress with my trusted Canon DSLR:

I had previously agreed that he was going to help me take some pictures, but we never worked it out until yesterday. He was at first not very comfortable with my DSLR camera, but he proved to be a quick learner, especially after I changed some settings to make it easier for him. At one point, I changed the camera to “high-speed continuous shooting” mode, and even told him that it’ll freak him out…and it still did.  (I didn’t tell him what I did to the camera.)  This is my favourite picture from yesterday, taken at Toronto Eaton Centre:

All and all, we had a great time.  We walked for almost 3 hours, and took pictures all over downtown Toronto, before grabbing a take-out dinner at the Loblaw’s at the Maple Leaf Gardens.  Some of those pictures are already on my Facebook page, but I’ll be posting the high-resolution ones on my website shortly. and I have posted them on my own web gallery.

Anyway, until (at least) this summer, I have to remember: No more buying new clothes!

The Friday That Never Was

Like a lot of my adventures in the past couple of years, this story of mine also started with me taking a day off work. Indeed, a few Fridays ago (February 1), I had planned quite a day off for myself.

I was supposed to meet up with my friend Chelsea and a friend of hers for dinner. Chelsea and I have met last year, and we message each other via Flickr regularly. I was looking forward to seeing her again. And since I was going to take the day off anyway, I decided that I would go shopping—at least window shopping—for dresses. Then I had planned to model my new clothes—if there were any—with a sexy photo shoot in the snow. (Brave, I know, especially considering the freezing temperatures.) My back-up plan was that if I didn’t buy any clothes, I would instead take pictures wearing a formal dress that I bought online awhile ago. In the snow of course. Then I would take the subway to downtown and have a drink with Chelsea before returning home. I had quite a busy night planned, so I couldn’t be out too late.

Good plan. The reality, not so much.

First, when I woke up, I looked like hell. I’m not sure why my face was so puffy, but it also seemed that no amount of beauty products and make up helped. When I did finally go to the mall, I felt very self-conscious about my appearance. So much so that I didn’t even try anything. That was very unusual, because otherwise I would just walk into whatever store and try out whatever I want. Anyway, after that very deflating walk in the mall, I went home to try out that dress that I bought online. It didn’t fit me that well, and it was quite uncomfortable to wear. I finally changed into something more comfortable (my favourite purple sweater and a skirt) and went out again for pictures. And that was the only productive thing that I did all day: taking some pictures in two different outfits. But then, in line with the rest of the things that went wrong, the pictures didn’t turn out as well as I liked. But at least after some editing, a few of them were somewhat presentable. I went back to the same area later in the afternoon for more pictures, this time I was more daring, wearing a sheer black blouse and pants. Also, I should remind myself that holding a metal tripod in sub-zero temperatures isn’t very good for your hands. Anyway, after the pictures, I took the subway downtown to wait for when Chelsea arrived in Toronto. I knew I was quite a bit early, but I didn’t mind the wait, choosing instead to just walk around. I also knew that a portion of Highway 401 was shut down because of a serious accident. What I didn’t anticipate was that Chelsea and her friend would be caught in the chaos because of the shutdown and subsequent detours. I waited and waited until finally I had to go home before she arrived. All and all, I didn’t managed to get much accomplished.

Here are some of the pictures from that afternoon that “worked out.” They are not great by any stretch of imagination, but they will have to do. The rest of them are of course posted on my web gallery.

Shopping, So to Speak

Occasionally there are people who think that I’m not being truthful when I tell them that when I go shopping for women’s clothing, I’m usually dressed as a woman. So the last time I went out—which happened to be yesterday, I made a point of snapping a few pictures with my cell phone. (It’s quite obvious that I have not perfected the art of self portraits with my cell phone.) All the pictures were taken from inside the women’s changing room at Winner’s store in Toronto. It was my day off, so I drove to the nearest Winner’s store, which was only a couple of minutes drive away, parked my car, and went inside. Everything at Winner’s is on racks, and often it’s quite a daunting task to pick out what I want amidst tonnes of clothes that I’ll never be caught dead wearing. In any case, I tried out a few pieces that looked nice on the racks. What I was really concerned with was how they looked on my rack! There was a yellow top (not flattering), a blue top (less unflattering, but not good enough), a blue skirt (flattering but was made of very cheap fabric) and a blue dress on clearance (made me look fat). As always, once I have picked out what I wanted to try on, I’ll walk to the changing rooms, and a lady to show me to my room. At the end, I didn’t buy anything there, which is typical for most of my shopping trips, but may be I’ll give the blue top a second look.  I have uploaded some of the pictures to my web space already, and may be I’ll think about bringing my camera the next time I try out clothes at stores.