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The Continuing Saga of the Transgender Physics Teacher…and My Haircut

The term has finally wrapped up. My first real-life test as a high-school physics teacher, and I passed. It wasn’t without some incredible challenges that I had to overcome, but my probation period is over, and the school has decided to keep me on payroll. Not only that, I’ve been offered more hours over the summer. That’s right, I’m teaching… Read more →

Physics Tutor Kate

On the same day that I applied for my teaching job, I also applied to a few tutoring services. Within days, two of these companies called me. One of them was a tutoring service near York University, which, you may imagine, caters to first-year students at York. I went to an interview, trying to look as much a professional as possible. (And… Read more →

Physics Teacher Kate

Early in January, I applied for a part time teaching job at a private enrichment school on the north end of the city. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher, but I’ve felt that being transgender my future in teaching was dim, especially in high schools. Nevertheless, within a few days of submitting my resume, I got a phone interview on… Read more →

Call Me Teacher Kate

I am happy to announce my return to blogging (and tweeting, and Facebooking, and checking my e-mail, and taking pictures then posting them on Flickr) after my brief disappearance from the Internet. My personal life had been incredibly chaotic during that time, and I needed time to sort things out. Well, things are now mostly sorted out, at least sorted… Read more →