Major Victory, Sort Of

My plans to modernize my blog got underway today, after coming back from the trip to Hawaii, I just didn’t feel like working hard on my research, especially when there is so much to think about before I can move on.  Anyway, it gave me the time I needed to upgrade my blog from WordPress 3.1 to WordPress 3.2, and to install a new (but unfortunately no longer free) version of WPML, the multi-lingual plug-in.  What you are reading is, in fact, a brand-new installation of the WordPress blog, and the old blog entries were imported from the old site.  A couple of things:

  • The old comments from my old posts on the Yahoo blog now appears properly
  • Going to or now redirects you to this site, which has its own subdomain, at

Other than that, the new site should look and feel quite a lot  like the old one.  Regrettably, I had to use a new widget for ClustrMaps, and so the old history couldn’t be saved.  I’m not going to lose any sleep over it though.

This post is also available in: Chinese (Traditional)

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