Changes Coming

New Theme.  One of the most noticeable change over the next few days will be my switching to a new WordPress theme for the website.  FYI, I have been using the Atahualpa theme on this website since I started it.  For the most part, this has been the best theme that I’ve ever used, because it let’s me customize just about anything and everything.  But you know what, after awhile, I grew a bit tired of it.  Also, the latest version of the theme seems to have some slight problems with spacing my commas, as you can see quite clearly in my posts.  So I’ll be switching to another theme shortly.  I don’t want to spend money on buying a theme package, as I’ve already spent some money on getting the latest version of WPML, which used to be free.  (WPML is by far the best plugin for using multiple languages, so I was happy to give them a few bucks to keep their business going, but really, that’s all I’m willing to pay in terms of software for my websites.) But I’ll be looking for something that has  a reasonable amount of customization without requiring me to do any coding.  I code at work, I don’t want to code when I’m not at my office, even if it’s updating a PHP script.

Gallery is Up!  I used to have a gallery online.  I had all my pictures, including the ones already on Flickr, and a whole lot more that aren’t posted anywhere.  But I’ve been neglected it for almost half a year now, and when I tried to access it again, I found out that it didn’t work—it kept giving me a web server error that didn’t make sense.  I wasn’t sure what happened during those few months, but I’m not too impressed by the fact that it failed at all for no reason.  Anyway, I’ve installed a clean version of gallery3, and re-uploaded my pictures on there.  In fact, there are actually more pictures on my new gallery than on the old one.  I’m feverishly trying to re-post some of the captions and information about my pictures, but I’m sure that all the comments have been lost, unfortunately.  My new gallery has the same address as the old:

Graphics Fixed? When I migrated to the new WordPress installation, the graphics didn’t quite migrate properly.  As a result, some of my older posts now have missing graphics in them.  I’ve started fixing them, and who knows, by the time you read this, may be all of them are fixed already…

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