Seniors’ Day

At the ripe age of 30, my body has finally run out of the enzymes to digest dairy products. I knew that this was going to happen sooner or later. Nevertheless, I’m not about to give up on enjoying milk, so it’s time to stop by my local drug store to pick up some Lactaid pills.

It must have been “Seniors Day” at my local Shoppers Drug Mart today. It seemed that everyone there was either retired, or near retirement age, including the staff and customer. Since I have never bought any Lactaid before, I didn’t know where to look. So I tried the pharmacist, already in her 60s. She was chatting with another old lady, first information about the medication, then about their families, and grandchildren, and weekend plans. I waited for another 5 minutes before I was able to ask my simple question. The pharmacist didn’t just tell me the answer, she offered to show me where the pills were. But instead of just taking me to the aisle, she proceeded to teach me how to read the signs above the aisles. “So, Lactaid is for your stomach, and if you look up, you’d see the word ‘Stomach’ written on aisle 6. But if you have a headache instead, you would look for ‘pain relief’ and you’ll find that on aisle 7…” The problem was’t that I couldn’t see “Stomach”, it was that the word wasn’t printed on the other side of the sign.  And that was the side that I was looking at. She also told me that my voice was hoarse, and perhaps I should pick up something to sooth it. (If there is a pill that would make my voice instantly feminine, let me know. I want it now!) She then showed me a few products for clearing my throat, and started joking that if I answer the phone, people at the other end might even think that I’m a man. I thought that was pretty funny and I completely stopped paying attention to everything else she was saying.  Little did she know…

Anyway, I got my Lactaid tablets, and headed towards to the only cashier, another older lady. She was trying—along with the store manager old than she was—to figure out why the scanner wouldn’t scan…by repeatedly scanning the same thing over and over again. The line moved slowly. Then I was rudely bumped off the line up by an old and grumpy man pushing his shopping cart through the line. When it got to his turn, he started arguing with the cashier. He had two large packages of toilet paper in the cart, which everyone could see, but he insisted that he had only one, and wouldn’t pay for the second. The manager was there too, and it took a few minutes to sort things out. Finally it was my turn, and I left the store as quickly as I could

So, here I am, typing away my blog at work, wasting even more time!

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