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Roll Up the Rim

Every year, Tim Hortons (a very well-known Canadian coffee and donut chain) has a big promotion called RRRoll up the Rim to Win, where you can win prizes. This promotion itself is quite explanatory: you roll up the rim of your cup to see if you’ve won anything. For many years, I didn’t win a single prize. Not once. But since last year, I’ve been winning like crazy. Not that I won anything important—I have never won more than a free cup of coffee/tea or a donut.  But almost for every three cups of tea that I’d buy, I’d win twice.

This year, the promotion has only started for a week, and I’ve already won three times.  On three cups of tea.  3 for 3.  That’s not bad at all.  I was tempted to write on my blog, “I wish everything in life was this easy.” Then I remembered that I can win these prizes because I am a reasonably wealthy person lucky enough to live in a wealthy and stable country like Canada, and that life really isn’t that easy for many people, even in my own city of Toronto.   I myself have met many who can’t even afford the first cup of coffee, let alone winning anything.  So instead, I’m going to give away my prizes to the next homeless person in need.  I can’t change their lives, but least for a few minutes in this miserable winter, they can be warm for a few minutes.

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