You may know that I have taken this blog offline for the past month or so.  It is a rather lengthy story, and I might eventually share with all of you everything that has been happening (or not happening) in Katie-land.  Although mostly it has to do with the not-happening part.  Right now, all of my posts (except for this one) are set to “private”, meaning that I am the only person who can read them.  In time, revised versions of some of those posts may re-appear again, starting with the oldest posts.  For the most part, however, a majority of my thoughts will forever remain private.

In any case, It is good to be back.   Please comment if you have any well wishes or if you want to know anything else.

New-And-Improved Katie
February 14, 2012

Added February 21.  I set the status of my “website update” posts back to “Public”.  They don’t say anything about me, but that’s a start.

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3 Replies to “Update”

  1. I was a regular reader of your blog and would check for updates almost daily. I was utterly disappointed to see your blog & flickr going offline suddenly. But I respect your decision and now very excited & happy to see you back. Looking forward for more updates from you.


    1. It’s good to be back. Admittedly There were many reasons why I felt appropriate that the website was offline, and many reasons that some of those posts should never see the light of day again. In any case, thank you for reading my blog. -Katie

      1. Thanks for the reply Katie. I have just started taking baby steps to come out soon. As a first step, started underdressing and hope to come out in open soon, wish me luck 🙂


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