Last July I wrote about wanting to change the WordPress theme on this site to something more modern. The theme that I had been using (Atahualpa) had served me very well for almost three years.  But at the rate that things change in cyberspace, two years is like an eternality in Internet time. The website was beginning to feel dated, and I wanted a change…that was over a year ago!  But I looked and I looked and found nothing that had all the features I wanted, at least I found nothing that was free…until now. Apparently since last year when WordPress itself went through a lot of upgrades, there has been a lot of free new WP themes that takes advantage of some of the feature in the new version. Since I’m into photography, I wanted something that can do slide shows with ease. This new theme that I am using—despite its apparent finesse—does have a few quirks, and I have spent the better part of a day to customizing the PHP and CSS files to suit my needs and my style.

The background itself is a slideshow. This screenshot shows the “other” side of me, albeit not all pictures of me are that, well, sexy.

At the moment, I have two different website running with the same theme, for consistency. The first is this blog. The background images are linked straight from my Gallery, so I do not have to store extra image files on this WP installation.  Customizing the CSS and PHP files will be an ongoing process, but hopefully, as bugs are discovered and fixed in the near future, the website will run increasingly smoothly. My photography website is also getting a make-over with the same theme.  Not that there was anything inherently wrong with the “Minimatica” theme that I used to use either.  (Minimatica is still one of the most popular themes for photography-oriented blogs.)  But I like this new theme so much that, In fact, the whole overhaul started on that website first.  For those who don’t know it, I am starting a side business to take photos for other transgender women in Toronto.

This post is also available in: Chinese (Traditional)

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