Call Me Teacher Kate

I am happy to announce my return to blogging (and tweeting, and Facebooking, and checking my e-mail, and taking pictures then posting them on Flickr) after my brief disappearance from the Internet. My personal life had been incredibly chaotic during that time, and I needed time to sort things out. Well, things are now mostly sorted out, at least sorted out enough that I can say that things are back to normal. By the way, not trying to keep up with Facebook and Twitter does have some calming effect on me.

The last you heard from me, there was an unfortunate episode at a tire store just before I signed off, and many of you thought that it was the reason. Rest assured, the decision to go off grid was made long ago, and tire-shop mishap merely accelerated it by a day or two. Nevertheless, I want to thank everyone for expressing their support. I really appreciate it. I have not had many bad experiences as a trans woman; admittedly I was not prepared to face some of the bullshit that my peers face everyday. I’ll be blogging about my thoughts on that soon.

For now, let me tell you about a couple of things that happened in the last few days. Awhile back I bought some dresses via Beyond the Rack, but I didn’t have a chance to wear them until the weather warmed up. Yesterday I put on one of them, and met up with a friend to watch the new Star Trek movie in the afternoon. He teased me mercilessly about how—at 32 years old—I was too old for wearing something like that. We took a few pictures of me in the dress to settle the debate. Here’s one of them.

While we were out, he started talking about setting up a FORTRAN programming course that he wants to teach privately to engineering firms. He mentioned that since I did a lot of FORTRAN programming during graduate school, may be I would be perfect as one of the instructors. Besides, he said, it’s good to have a woman teaching the course; after all, a lot of new hires in these companies are women too. I reminded him that as a trans woman, not everyone actually thinks of me as female, especially some of these women engineers’ bosses. To keep the stories from being excessively long, as we parted at the end of the day, we had a verbal agreement that if he ever gets the course off the ground—and that’s a big if—I would occasionally teach some sessions as Kate. When it comes time to teach, I will have to have a much more serious discussion with him in his office, and not over an afternoon movie and clothes shopping.

By the way, Star Trek: Into Darkness is an awesome movie.

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