A Weighty Appendix

You may notice that I did not update my website at all in November, but I have also been absent from Facebook and other online presence at well.  Part of the reason for that is that I had been extremely busy at work: research work just doesn’t get done on its own. I had also taken time to visit my family in Hong Kong. But the most important reason is that I just had my appendix removed.  Ouch.

I went to the Toronto General Hospital a few weeks ago with acute appendicitis.  The previous morning, I had woken up with intense pain in my abdomen, but since it wasn’t localized, I didn’t relate that with any possibility of appendicitis, and after taking a single Advil, I actually felt good enough to bike to the library downtown…15km away.  (As an aside, a girl in full cycling clothes, riding a racing bicycle is hot, even if she’s riding in pain.)  It wasn’t until the next day that the pain had returned, and I was admitted to the hospital. Thankfully, it was a quiet night at the ER, and the blood test, the urine test, the ultrasound and the surgery itself only took a few hours, and I was able to return home in less than a day.

In the following week, my complete lack of appetite meant shedding an impressive 8 lbs.  Despite that though, my belly felt more swollen than ever.  A bit of explanation is necessary.  In order to do the surgery, the doctors had to pump some carbon dioxide gas into my abdomen, and there is always something left inside after the procedure.  Anyway, the swelling made it almost impossible for me to straighten my back.  Of course, being the outdoorsy girl that I am, instead of staying home and resting in bed, I walked everywhere with a cane.  A thought did come though: I really ought to pay attention to my weight.  As you can see in my recent summer photos, I had indeed been putting on some weight in my mid section.


Fortunately, I found this iPhone app called “Lose It!” that keeps track of my weight.  And this little free app also contains nutritional information about a lot of supermarket and restaurant food so I can track my calorie intake.  And, it has guidelines on how much calories I can burn with a wide range of exercises.  For example, under “Music Playing”, it says that “conducting” a choir or orchestra burns you 108 calories/hour.  Not bad.  As for “Sexual Activity” though, “Active, vigorous” levels only burns 36 calories/hour.

So for the past few weeks, with this little app, I’ve actually kept the weight off.  The next step, is to step up with my winter exercises.  So hopefully, it’s bye bye gut, hello smaller dresses!

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