Work…and My Haircut

The term has finally wrapped up. My first real-life test as a high-school physics teacher, and I passed. It wasn’t without some incredible challenges that I had to overcome, but my probation period is over, and the school has decided to keep me on payroll.

Not only that, I’ve been offered more hours over the summer. That’s right, I’m teaching summer school! Two classes of Physics 11, and two classes of Physics 12. Throughout June I’m busy preparing all the teaching material for Physics 12, because once the classes start on July 2nd, it’ll be running full speed. Each of my four classes have 2 lectures/week, and each lecture is 2½ hours long, and I’m working 6 days a week. Between the lectures and marking assignments, there will be very little time to prepare teaching material.

On a completely different note, I got my first haircut as a woman back in April. Back in October 2014, I started growing my hair out. It was a very long process, in that my hair just didn’t grow that fast. After a year and a half of painfully watching my hair grow, I decided that I didn’t really like long hair that much. So for my first haircut, I wanted to get rid of most of them in a hurry. I asked around my friends on Facebook on where best to get a haircut, and everyone replied with the name Mikah Styles. Mikah runs a studio (“Eleven”) in downtown Toronto, and I made an appointment with him and, took a deep breath, went.

Mikah didn’t disappoint. In the 30 minutes that I was there, he gave me the most feminine haircut I have ever had. I looked so good and so…womanly, that I almost cried in joy.

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  1. Very good and interesting

    Mature CD from Toronto

    Did a degree in Physics before doing IT for many years

    Always considered Physics my first interest

    Posted to FB and G+


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