A Job Seeker, Once Again

In the past few weeks, I’ve sent out another round of job applications. Although I had a very productive July and August teaching summer school, fall and winter months are far quieter. I’m down from 20 hours of teaching in the summer to just 9½. While that’s still a very respectable amount of hours, I need, well, more. Now I’m looking for an additional 20 hours of part-time employment each week. The question is, would anyone (other than my current employer) hire a transgender woman? I consider myself to be incredibly lucky to be hired for the teaching job back in January. That said, looking for jobs as a transgender woman is not without difficulties. The jobs that I’m applying to teaching or tutoring position, which is by far my strongest ability. So far I have sent out 8 applications, and I have received one phone interview, and two in-person interviews. My interviews have gone well enough that I’m confident that I could be hired for at least one of them. We’ll just find out how things actually turn out…

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