Finally winter! (Well, sort of.)

Last weekend another transgender friend from Muskoka visited Toronto. She was in town for the weekend, and we had a great time chatting over dinner on Saturday night.  We talked about everything from music to sports to politics to transgender issues. After having breakfast together on Sunday morning, she was kind enough to snap some casual photos for me while strolling around Allen Gardens in downtown Toronto. (Allen Gardens is two blocks east of the Gay Village; during the day residents from nearby apartments often walk their dogs there.) We just had our first snow fall on Sunday, and I thought it provided me with a reasonable backdrop. Unfortunately my friend was not very proficient with my idiot-proof point and shoot digital camera: of the ~100 photos she took, only 9 worked out.

While on the the subject of photographs, you may notice that my new pictures are far less revealing than my previous albums. Having pictures taken in my summer dress was a lot of fun, and also a great confidence builder, but it did have its downside. It seems that even marginally provocative photos undoubtedly attract old creepy male “admirers”, who immediately fantasize about me in sexual acts that are probably illegal in most of Canada. Then my Inbox begin to clutter up with suggestive e-mails, describing these acts. Seeing that at the moment, I am not lacking in self-esteem, I can safely say that there is no reason for me to show off any skin in -11°C windchill to feel good about myself.

Sorry boys, this girl is all covered up.

And for anyone who are still reading, let me point out that being a confident and attractive girl (especially a t-girl) is not determined by how sexy you look in fancy clothes. Besides, I still wouldn’t call myself “unattractive”, would I?  By the way, winter did arrive in force on Monday, with freezing rain and heavy snow. My morning commute was hell. At least I didn’t have trees falling on me, like they do in Vancouver.

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2 Replies to “Finally winter! (Well, sort of.)”

  1. Shame you only salvaged 9 out of the 100 but, I must admit, they do look nice. I must admit that I have always preferred the more natural look on a girl (well, maybe a little bit of leg though with nylons) as it makes you look more feminine. Glad you shared this moment with us and obviously you had a great time….

  2. Hmmm, 9 out of 100? A 9% rate is better than my 3% rate. lol . I’ve been to that park, I always stay at the Courtyard on Yonge so I can walk to the Gay Village. I’ll have to dig out the picture of me in that park. It’s hiding somewhere on my computer. It was part of the 97% of my pictures that were rejected. 🙂

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