Nuit Blanche and Thanksgiving

My research schedule has been bordering on hectic and insanity since Labour Day, and I haven’t had many chances to go out, dressed or otherwise. For those who have been keeping track of my blog, no, I didn’t put on a sexy dress and go have fun downtown the night of my Linux install victory. If I recall correctly, I didn’t even take the evening off. It’s not that I haven’t gone out at all; I did manage to dine with my t-girl friends a few times, but it’s a noticeable drop from going out three times a week back in the summer.

But a month of frustration at work was starting to wear me down, so in the past couple of weekends I made special arrangements to free my schedule and go out. A couple of Saturdays ago, I went out to Nuit Blanche (that’s “White Night” to you if you don’t speak French), an “free all night contemporary art thing” all over downtown Toronto. I went out all night that night, and despite the poor weather, I strolled around art galleries, museums, other indoor and outdoor exhibitions with crowds of people. The only downside was that my skirt got quite wet from the rain, and I had to send it to the dry cleaner.

I got home at 5:30am, and slept in until 2pm. And then I went back to work…on a Sunday.

Then just a couple of days ago, on Thanksgiving Day (note to Americans: Canadian Thanksgiving is on a different day) I got dressed—rather inconspicuously in a shirt and pants—and drove to Huntsville, about 2.5 hours north east of Toronto, and sat atop the Lions Lookout for hours. The scenery was stunning. To my relieve, despite the lookout being a huge tourist attraction, no one paid any attention to me. Afterall, people go to Huntsville to see the fall colours, not a casually dressed single girl. So I was able to immerse myself in thoughts and ideas (mostly about my research) without disruption. The trip was a successful one, because I made a huge programming stride on the very next day.

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