Most people I’ve corresponded with know that I’m a pretty geeky girl. This is not to be confused with nerdy, which I am not. It does help with my self-image that on some nights, I’m also a pretty hot girl. Well, at least, a reasonably average t-chick. But occasionally, I revert to my geeky instincts and tell people about all the geeky things I do.

Like today.

I name my computers with composers whose names start with a “B”: Bach (dual-processor PII), Beethoven (Athlon64 desktop), Brahms (Duron desktop), Bartok (P3 IBM Thinkpad) and Berlioz (my sister’s Sampron). This is Beethoven’s story.

I’ve never liked Windows. It worked well, but I hated paying an arm and a leg for an operating system, and then paying my other arm and leg for an office suite. (It’s difficult to be a hot chick with no arms and no legs and no money.) I’ve tried Linux a few times before, but I was always disappointed for one reason or another. In 1999, it was a buggy graphics driver in Redhat 5. In 2001, it was the lack of useful software in RH7. Last year, it was lack of wireless card support in Fedora Core 2. FC2 was also bloated and slow and it crashed a lot for no reason. For awhile, I’ve stopped looking for the next Linux distribution altogether.

Well, that was soooo last week.

A few days ago, my friend told me about the Ubuntu distribution, which supposedly is all the hype these days in the community. He showed me the liveCD version, which ran remarkably well on both Beethoven and my old trusty Bartok. So I re-partitioned my hard drive and installed the full version on Beethoven.

Wow. A big applause goes to the development team.

It’s slick. it’s stylish. It supports all my hardware. It has all the software I needed, for free. (Albeit I had to download a few things.) It installed in less time than Windows XP, and it also ran a lot faster. The only tinkering was to edit the Xorg configuration file to get my dual monitor going properly. (No thanks to ATI.) But once it did, it was almost flawless.

So tonight, I’ll repartition my hard drive, and remove Windows from Beethoven once and for all. Then I’ll put on a nice sexy dress, and stroll around town to celebrate.

5 Replies to “Geekspeak”

  1. Now Beethoven will be like you… hot, tuned up, rid of all that clutter and ready to have FUN.

    BTW… I agree Fortran may be cluncky but it is still better than RPG (and Windows come to think of it!)

  2. Hey what about Bruckner? His symphonies have powerful codas and grand finales. And he reminds me a bit of Wagner in that he can be a bit dark, a little heavy and foreboding…. 😉

  3. Well, there’s also Barber, Bizet, Borodin, Berg and Britten. Now, I just need more computers. Speaking of Bruckner, I’m playing his 4th symphony in a community orchestra here in Toronto….

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