Umm, did she just check me out?

Most women know about the men who casually “check them out” on the street.  They honk at you when you’re walking; they try to look under your blouse when they sit next to you on a bus; they stare at you from across the street; and they ask you for the time when they’re wearing a watch themselves.  Some of their moves are subtle, but they’re almost all very silly.  By the way, one of my least favourite is from a parking enforcement officer on Church Street. Once he has spotted me, he would drive by, wave at me, blow a kiss, drive off around the block, and then drive by again and again.  (He has done that on more than 3 occasions now.) Last week I waited at the streetcar stop at Church & Carlton for 20 minutes and he drove around 5 times.

I can never tell why men check me out. Do they just want me to turn around because they thought I was a pretty girl (the genetic kind), or do they just enjoy the thrill of checking out a t-girl? Of course I hope it’s the former, but I assume the truth is somewhere in between.  What I haven’t figured out is whether women do the same. By that I don’t mean women checking out men, but rather, a straight woman checking out another straight woman.  (If there are any genetic women out there reading this, do tell.)  But I found a partial answer the other night.

Back on Sunday night I had the chance to go out for a walk, wearing my new black dress.  At $40 CAD, it’s the most expensive clothing item I’ve bought all year. Anyway, since it was the Labour Day long weekend, there were still plenty of people outside at 11:30pm. I felt a bit naughty, so I went without wearing a bra. (I have invested some money on a fine pair of breastform from Amoena which allows me to go bra-less. Now I understand why women wear bras, and why sometimes they don’t.)

On Bloor Street, a young (and beautiful, and well-dressed) woman heading towards me started staring at my chest from a distance away, and didn’t take her eyes off until I walked past her.  Wow. I’m not sure if this is the first time a woman has checked me out, but it’s definitely the first time I’ve noticed.

I hope she didn’t look at me because of inconspicuously bouncy (fake) boobs.  But I admit that I like the feeling when she looked at me. A lot.


PS: By the way, I took that picture that very night, just so that everyone can see for themselves. Unfortunately it didn’t show off a lot of my boobs.  Another funny thing: not a single man checked me out that night…

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  1. It can be real hard to tell with women. I have hardly known a woman that didn’t check out other women for some reason. Unless I’m in a lesbian bar I write it off as her looking at my clothes, hair, shoes, or her reading me as T. I know that me as a T woman, I am constantly studying women.

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