A Week as a Hot Chick

For the past while, I’ve been thinking about how it feels to be a girl for a week, so at some point last week—when my research work stalled a little bit—I decided to take the week off and spend some quality girl time. This means doing all the normal day-to-day things, plus a few truly girly things, all as a girl.

Nighttime attire: satin nightgown

Between playing violin in a wedding gig and teaching violin lessons in yet a different part of town, Saturday was an incredibly hectic day. My “week” began after going home in the evening. I changed into my pajamas, and promptly fell asleep. My mom called me a few times, but while the phone was ringing within two feet from my ears, I never woke up.  I bet I snored right through the night.  I wore a very sexy satin nightgown, but I was so tired, I could have been wearing a straitjacket and it wouldn’t have made any difference.


Morning attire: Black & white sundress
Afternoon: baby blue halter top, long white skirt
Late evening: tank top, shorts, baseball cap for jogging

Still suffering from the long Saturday, I completely overslept on Sunday morning. I did eventually craw out of bed at 9:30am, and spent a couple of hours preparing for the week: shower, skin care, hair removal, make-up etc. I drove out to G Ross Lord Park, and walked around the park for a couple hours. With a 33ºC temperature and high humidity, I was drenched in sweat within minutes. In the afternoon, I changed into a light blue halter top and white skirt, which made things a lot cooler, and went to the library computer lab on U of T campus (air conditioned!), where I read some articles related to my research. I went jogging that night, for the first time ever as a girl, and gained new appreciation for sports bras. Tired and warm, I fell asleep wearing a pair of shorts and a tank top.


Daytime attire: black t-shirt, red skirt
Evening: blue sundress
Nighttime: satin night gown

Monday was the day for me to experience the ultimate of life as a girl: a romantic date with a man. Okay, not really. “SS” and I have been trading e-mails for a few months, and we picked Monday to meet up. Most of the day was ordinary: I went to Chapters to read some new books, then took the subway down to Greektown area to walk around. Overall it was a nice day, albeit the temperature hovered at 36°C in the afternoon. I did have to go home and change before my “date.”  Although, I really should point out that since I don’t really date men, a more accurate way to describe my “date” is that two people hanging out, only that one is a guy and the other one (me) was wearing a dress. SS and I went to places that are decidedly outside of the LGBT area of town: a nice dinner at a pub on Queen St, and a movie at Paramount. Turns out SS was even more nervous than I was about the whole thing.  May be despite the repeated warnings I gave hime (“I’m not interested in relationships with men, and I don’t date men”), he really thought that he was on a date.  At the end, my evening was civil and polite, but I don’t think I’ll see SS again.  Thank goodness my apartment is air-conditioned; I wore the same satin night gown to bed that night.

Tuesday! (but not that top)

Daytime attire: white button down blouse, baby blue pencil skirt
Nighttime: satin night gown

I had another late start on Tuesday, because I watched parts of le tour de France on TV. By late morning, I was already feeling a bit uneasy about leaving my research work untouched for an entire day, so I went down to the computer lab on campus downtown. Wearing a pencil skirt kind of reinforced the notion that I’m there to do real work, and not to fool around. And I must have worked pretty intensely, because I completely forgot about lunch until well past 2pm. I walked out to Zelda’s for quiet lunch. Previously I’ve only been there on weekend evenings, and between the customers, the staff and the drag queen performers, it was always a zoo. So it was nice to be left alone for quiet time this time. I went back the library to work work until late evening (and forgot about dinner also). After dinner, I spent the night e-mailing to friends, wearing the sexiest of my night gowns.

Morning attire: black shirt, pinstripe pants
Afternoon: pink halter top & white skirt
Evening: black halter top, black flower skirt

Wednesday was my designated shopping day. On paper anyway. I went to Vaughan Mills Mall, north of the city, and window shopped for a couple of hours. This is the second time I went there dressed, and like the last time, it was uneventful. I’d walk past stores and not be interested in what they sell. This is what I decided: whereas my male alter-ego likes to buy girly stuff for Tara, but Tara doesn’t like shopping all that much herself. I thought of going to another mall across town for the afternoon, but decided against it because of how much driving is required. So instead, I went back, once again, to the U of T campus and did more research. My friend Robyn W and I had planned to get together for a drink in the evening, but at the last minute she cancelled because of work-related commitments. I went down to Church St for dinner anyway, and had a great time. The weather was good, and a nice happy crowd was gathering in the neighbourhood.

Morning attire: cotton pajamas
Somehow, when I got up early this morning, I didn’t feel like going out as a girl anymore. I knew that at some point towards the evening, I’ll have to go back to being a boy. I just didn’t think that I’d look foward for that. In any case, I spent the morning in my pajamas doing house cleaning, and then went back to work as a boy again. I’m still savouring this whole experience, and while I haven’t exactly learned anything profound yet (other than that sports bra is a necessity when you jog), the experience has been positive enough that I want to do it again one day, hopefully later this summer.


(Content Re-edited on December 4, 2012 with better pictures with the clothes that I wore that day.)

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