Every Girl Needs a Name

In some of my recent correspondence with other t-girls, I was asked (a few times) where my name had come from. I’m not entirely certain why it is important to know this, but I have nonetheless decided to set the record straight, or at least firmly crooked for good.

“TJ” are the initials of my male alter-ego, and a rarely used nickname in high school. When I first started going out, I was skeptical of making up a suitable girl name, so I shortened my boy name. Most t-girls I hang around with still call me TJ right now.

“Tara Jennifer”, or at least “Tara”, is the name I started using when I started my URNA profile in March. Note the initials “TJ”. As I started going out regularly, the “Tara” personality begins to develop. Admittedly that personality is really the same as my male alter-ego, and it’s not terribly exciting. (As my profile says, geeky and chatty.)

“Young” is the anglisized (sp?) version of a Chinese surname, generally spelled “Yeung”. It is not my real name. I use it because it is rather suggestive; afterall, I’m just a fairly “young” t-girl, aren’t I?

I had hoped that my first blog entry would be (a) funnier/wittier or (b) more profound or (c) more noticable, but this will do just as well!

Tara Jennifer — not my real name
TJ — real initials and rarely used nickname
Young — complete fabrication.

I hope this satisfies everyone’s curiosity.

Hugs and kisses to all you guys and gals out there!


This post is also available in: Chinese (Traditional)

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