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It’s the second week of April, which means we’re already three weeks into spring. Or at least, it is springtime in many parts of the world, except in the southern hemisphere, and well, here in many parts of Canada. In fact, in Toronto, we still have no solid confirmation that spring has indeed arrived, although the the temperature is a balmy 19°C today, we had been below freezing at night all of last week. But it’s enough to encourage me to pack in all my winter clothes, and get my spring clothes out of storage. It also means it’s time to think about losing my winter….deposits. It was fine when when I was all bundled up in thick jackets, but now that spring is here, but I really don’t want to look fat in my dresses this year. The other reason is that I’m a cyclist, and every pound I can lose translate to longer distances and faster speeds that I can sustain. (My “less important” reason related to cycling is that I have wanted to bike only wearing my sports bra and shorts, and I really, really don’t want my flabby guts.)

So, here’s my plan. Right now, I’m at 156lb—not hopeless for a girl who is 5’9” (175cm) tall—and I’m hoping to go down to 145lb by the end of May. Eventually, I want to be at 140lb, but not just 140lb, I want to be at a healthy 140lb. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be paying special attention to the food that I eat. That means more veggies and less meat (or just less food altogether), lower calories and less fat, more anti-oxidants and nutrients. I’ll also exercise very frequently, like cycling to work, lots of aerobics, and lots of abs exercises.

You can help me help myself by sending your kind encouragements to me, and I’ll in turn, post some “before and after” pictures on my blog.

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