Montréal: Day 4

Yesterday all thoughts of being a girl had to be put aside. I had to give a presentation (obviously not giving the presentation as a girl) of my work. It went quite well, although my session was in the biggest room and the microphone I had to used made me nervous. I was also in discussion with some people from a few companies who are hiring. I spent the evening watching one hockey game (Montréal vs. Boston) with my colleagues, and then another game (Vancouver vs. Chicago) with another group of potential colleagues, and there was no time to be a girl.  By the way, Vancouver won, but Montréal lost.

Which brings me to this morning. I had planned to go out for a morning jog around town–I even had my tank top and sports bra and running pants ready, but as it turned out, it was still pouring rain all morning. So the plan was scrapped, and I still haven’t had the chance to walk outside. Fortunately, the weather forecast for the afternoon is much more favourable…

All in all, this conference was quite uneventful. I didn’t learn much as an engineer, and I didn’t even get to see the city as a girl, but I did manage to make some business connections. The conference is going to end at 3pm (there is another parallel conference at the same hotel that would go until 5pm, and I’ve been asked to attend some of their talks as well) but I won’t leave Montréal until at least 8pm, so hopefully I will indeed have some girl time today.  For all readers, here’s another picture from the evening of Day 2.

From the 26th floor of L’Hôtel Delta centre-ville in downtown Montreal.  The picture was taken a couple of nights ago.

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