Montréal: Day 4.5

Sitting by the sculpture Les chuchoteuses (“Whispers”) by Rose-Aimée Belanger at the intersection of Rue Saint Paul and Rue Saint Dizier.

So the conference is over…and not a minute too soon. In fact, the last keynote lecture ended a full 30 minutes behind schedule. It seemed to be the theme of the whole conference that most people aren’t very keen on keeping track of time properly. Nevertheless, I’m glad that it’s all over now, and that I’m back safely in Toronto.

Kate Ruins
Picture taken at the remnants of the old Montreal General Hospital on Rue Saint Pierre.

Finally a bit of good news too: as the conference ended, the sky also cleared, which gave me a chance to change into some nice (i.e. more feminine!) clothes and roam around Vieux Montréal (that’s “Old Montreal” for those who do not speak French).  Vieux Montréal is, in my opinion, the most beautiful part of town, and I always enjoy walking along the quay.  I also had pictures of myself taken while I was there too.  Since I have never been to Montréal en femme before, I thought I’d keep it low key, and go around town with my purple sweater that I’ve worn so many times before.  I managed to get a few nice pictures taken, but in the afternoon, the temperature got up to a balmy 23°C, and after awhile, the sweater was too warm.  I made it back to my car at the hotel, and got a nice flower dress out of my suitcase instead.

Old Montreal
At the corner of Rue du Marché Bonsecours & Rue Saint Paul E.

Of course, “the little bit of good news” didn’t mean the day was perfect.  Later in the afternoon, the winds started to gather speed, and the temperature dropped quickly.  By the time I got back out with my flower dress, the temperature was already a few degrees lower.  (I guess I should have done it the other way around: start the afternoon in the dress, then change into the sweater towards the evening.)  In the short time left, I managed to get some nice pictures taken too.

Unfortunately, before I headed back to Toronto, I had to go back to “boy mode” again to have dinner with other members of my research group.  But the afternoon made the whole conference trip a fun experience.  I’ll add a few pictures to this post later, when I get around to editing them.

Katie by the little pond
By the little pond in Vieux Port de Montréal

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