Minor Victory

Once upon a time, I used to have a blog Yahoo 360, but then Yahoo decided to discontinue the service, and moved all the blogs to their new experiment called Yahoo Pulse. I didn’t much care for that, so I started a new blog on Blogger, and then eventually imported it to this WordPress site. One of the things I have always wanted to do was to download all the blog entries and comments from Yahoo 360, and then import them into a WordPress blog. At the end, the importing script didn’t work, and I was never able to re-post my original Yahoo blog entries elsewhere. But the file has always been saved on my hard drive somewhere.

Recently, Yahoo decided to shutdown Pulse as well, and this time, I’m not so sure what they will do with the blogs. So I tried downloading it from Yahoo one last time. When I unzipped the file, I realized that it had the extension -Moveable-Type.txt; and the only difference in formatting between this and the one I downloaded a few years ago—when 360 was shutdown—is that the new file doesn’t contain any of the comments people left me.

But an aha-moment nonetheless! So Yahoo had always downloaded their blogs in the Moveable Type format! As it turns out, both my WordPress-hosted (i.e. on wordpress.com) blog and this WordPress (hosted by my own ISP) blog both have an import function for Moveable Type files. So I tried both. Both did a poor job of importing the graphics, and while the blog on wordpress.com correctly imported all the comments, it didn’t quite work on this blog.

But it’s a minor victory nonetheless. I now have all my old blog entries. I plan to clean up the HTML code a little bit, re-insert all the graphics, do some quick proofreading, and re-post everything.

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