Mahalo for the Memories

I am now safely back in the comforts of my own home in Toronto, although I don’t believe my home can ever be as “comfortable” as my super-luxurious room at the Sheraton Waikiki (albeit the decor was a bit dated).  But while coming home means coming back to all my responsibilities here, it’s good to be back to my routine.  So Home sweet home indeed.  It was a successful trip afterall.  I gave a great ½-hour talk, and it was very well attended by some of the most famous researchers in my area.  I even made an all-day appearance as Kate at the conference, quite inconspicuously too.

Anyway, my day spent as “Kaitlyn Young from the University of British Columbia” at the conference was more exhausting than I anticipated. Luckily, there were no relevant talks in the morning on the following day, and I spent some time relaxing on the beach…as Kate of course.  It also gave me some time to have my pictures taken.  That morning, I got up and and went to Waikiki Beach, and spent the morning watching the waves rolling in, and of course, the gorgeously athletic guys and gals surfing on the waves.  The nice thing about going there in the morning is that the bulk of the crowd has yet to arrive, and it is actually possible to have some quiet time.

Not that I did…

A man came up to me not long after I sat down, and started chatting up with me.  This used to happen more often when I was younger, but now that I am a married (trans-)woman, I have been quite shy about letting people flirt with me.  Anyway, he clearly knew that I was transgender—he started the conversation by saying, “you must be the most gorgeous trans lady I have seen all morning!”—but we managed to have a reasonably good chat.  He offered to take some pictures for me with my camera, and while most of them turned out poorly—I was always out of focus—a few did turn out well.

Waikiki Beach 1
Waikiki Beach 2Waikiki Beach 3

One thing though, this man sure spent a lot of time staring into my dress.  It took me awhile before I noticed it…and while I didn’t really appreciate that too much, it kinda made me feel sexy though.  Anyway, my being revealing was not entirely by choice.  When I’d go out with this maxi dress, I often wear a tank top underneath, so that the neckline isn’t too revealing.  This morning though, it was already quite warm in the morning, and the tank top was soaked in my sweat just walking from the hotel to the beach.  So I made a dash to the ladies room at an other hotel, and took off the tank off.  But it meant that all I had was my almost-completely-sheer bra under the dress, and with the way the dress was made, it was impossible to hide the bra no matter how I moved.  The next morning, not wanting to have the chance to bump into another admirer, I tried to walk towards the other end of the beach.  I thought that if I could walk all the way to the Convention Center, I’d again attend the morning sessions as Kate.  So instead of wearing a long dress, I wore a more business-like attire.  Well, I didn’t walk that far at the end: my stroll the previous day had left my feet full of blisters, and it was painful to walk a long distance.  But I did stop by the park near the US Army Museum to have more of my pictures taken, before turning back towards the hotel.  This time, I used my tripod for the pictures.  And believe it or not, an few of those picture also turned out nicely too.

Pink Top
At the park by the Army Museum.

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