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A portrait of Katie
This is me! Up close and personal. This picture was taken by a kind friend at a restaurant on Church Street in Toronto.

Think of this first paragraph as the summary of everything you need to know about Kate. If what you read is not agreeable to you, consider heading to another website. I won’t be offended. Bear in mind though, that this is not a forum for you to offend me either, so if you have any comments, please keep them civil. This is me: I am a Chinese-Canadian transgender woman in Toronto. I am incredibly smart, and I am incredibly passionate about life, and about my Christian faith. Don’t ask me to have sex with you; that’s my body and my choice.

If you have read this far, and you want to continue reading, here’s the more detailed part:

I’m a Chinese-Canadian transgender woman living in Toronto. I suppose ethnically there is a little bit of Russian in me too—from my paternal grandmother’s side—but that’s pretty irrelevant. My life is full of striking dualities: usually I’m a girl, but sometimes I’m also a boy (I like being both, so don’t make me choose!); I’m shy but I can be incredibly chatty; I’m a science geek (background in physics, math & Ph.D. in engineering, but don’t call me a nerd) and an artsy musician (violinist and teacher); I’m a serious intellectual, but often I do the dumbest things. One thing is certain though: I am a lousy writer. I labour over every word that I write. Slowly.

When I first began going out as a girl, I used the name “TJ”. At that time, I was skeptical of the legality of making up a girl name, so instead, I dug up a rarely used nickname in high school, which are also the initials of my male alter-ego. When I started my online presence, beginning with a profile on URNA, I filled in the initials with “Tara Jennifer”. “Young” is the anglisized version of a Chinese surname, generally spelled “Yeung”. It is not my real surname. I use it because of its suggestive power: afterall, I was a “young” t-girl. But life itself evolves, and a few years ago, two life-changing events have happened to me that I feel like a brand new person. Enough that I think I want to get a new name. So I thought long and hard—please, no dirty jokes—and I decided on “Kaitlyn”. Soon after, I’ve shortened it to “Katie”, and most days now, I call myself “Kate”. I once joked to a friend that soon I’ll be contracting my name to just “K”.

As a side note, the name “Tara” was chosen by accident, but it just happens to be the name of a very close friend of mine. I found out in the spring of 2009 that, around the same time as I started using the name Kate, my friend Tara’s younger brother had decided to transition to womanhood, and had legally changed her name to Kate as well.

The purpose of this website, first and foremost, is to consolidate all the accounts and data that I have on URNA, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Flickr and Blogger. The second purpose is to express myself. This is my space to express my thoughts, my dreams, my hopes and my feelings towards a wide range of topics, and not everything have to do with transgender issues either. While this is a very biased way for myself to present myself, I do promise to try to be as authentic as I can.

This post is also available in: Chinese (Traditional)

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